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The T.A.101 Course

Do you want to understand......

Do you want to understand yourself and others?
Do you want to understand the communication underneath the words?
Do you want to understand how we got to be who we are?

Training Course / 12 hours' CPD

Next T.A.101 - Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th January

   This course is ideal for:

                   Anyone who works with vulnerable people: Care-workers, Counsellors, Social workers, Support workers,
                        Child-minders, Health workers

                   Anyone who looks after others: Parents (especially of teenagers or tots), Carers, Grandparents

                   Managers and Team Leaders

                   Anyone who wishes to improve or maintain a relationship

                   Mentors and Coaches

                   Educators and Trainers

                 For everyone:    This course will improve self-awareness, help to explain what is going on in relationships and provide ideas
                 for improving communication and self-esteem.

                 For qualified and trainee counsellors and psychotherapists:     This course is a requirement for anyone wishing to embark on
                 full Transactional Analyst training and qualification. The syllabus is regulated by the European Association for Transactional
                Analysis in order to ensure consistency of training.

All participants will receive an internationally-recognised T.A. 101 Certificate. No prior training or experience is necessary, and the course is appropriate for anyone aged 16 - 116. All participants who attend the full course will receive the Certificate.

The training includes real-life examples and simple group exercises, but participants do not need to disclose any private information, i.e. it is not a therapy group.

The cost is £120 per person. For anyone who would find the full fee difficult, I offer a reduced rate of £90 per person. Also, for multiple bookings (groups of two or more people) the cost is £90 per person.

For organizations providing their own training room, the cost is £1,100 for up to 15 participants.

   Participants will learn about:

               Communication and why it sometimes breaks down

               Personality and why we sometimes 'click' (or don't) with certain other people

               Why we sometimes experience emotions that are inappropriate or overwhelming

               Causes of low self-esteem and methods for improving self-esteem

               Recognising and addressing patterns of destructive behaviour

The course is run over two days, usually a weekend, and takes 12 hours.

Trainer: Dena Darling, M.Sc., C.T.A., U.K.C.P. Reg.

I am a Certified Transactional Analyst, and a Psychotherapist registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (U.K.C.P.). I work in private practice providing psychotherapy to individuals and couples, and I am an Endorsed TA101 Instructor.

If you have any questions, or if you'd like to book a place, please contact me by email, by telephone on 01394 278887
            or by mobile 07787 980281.