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The number of sessions each client has varies widely. Some clients have just a few sessions and others have several years of deep therapy: the average number of sessions my clients have with me is 15 sessions, but I must stress that this is just an average. Every client will have their own unique reaction to therapy so there is no guaranteed 'experience', but the feedback below has kindly been provided by clients who've been willing to share some of their experiences of therapy.

Question: "Why did you have therapy?"

"I felt that I couldn't cope or understand what and why I was feeling the way I was. I needed some help to clarify things so I could go about making them better/not worse."

"I was feeling very stressed by upcoming exams and ongoing family issues."

"I had therapy because I couldnt cope with the death of my Husband, and the problem of my estranged son became worse."

"I felt that I was getting out of control, had no-one I could talk to about it and couldn't handle the situation on my own."

"i had therapy because i had recently remarried and was struggling with my position, ex wife, stepchildren and my self esteem issues."

Question: "Were you anxious about your first session?"

"When I booked the first session I felt positive that it was a step in the right direction. "

"I felt nervous as I didn't know what it would be like or if it was going to help."

"I felt a fraud and did I really need this, but was advised by relatives who thought it would help."

"When I booked the first session I felt anxious because I didn't know what to expect but also proud of myself because I'd taken the first step to sorting it out, this made me start to feel more positive straight away."

"When I booked the first session I felt nervous as i was worried that there was something really wrong with me."

Question: "What was your first session actually like?"

"Very enjoyable and relaxing."

"The first session was good. It was nice to be so open about things I hadn't really spoken to anyone else about."

"The first session was strange talking to someone I didnt know, and what she would think of me."

"The first session was like having a huge weight lifted from my shoulders, I could talk about all the things I'd had to bottle up inside because I felt too ashamed to talk to anyone that was close to me. The tension and problems that had been building more and more because I wasn't dealing with them, suddenly started to be manageable."

"The first session was not as bad as i thought and i was more relaxed than i thought i would be."

Question: "What were the rest of your sessions like?"

"Very helpful and gave me coping skills that I use even now."

"The rest of the sessions were just the same (as the first session) until there were less issues to discuss and I felt I could handle things a lot better."

"The rest of the sessions became easier as I got to know the Counsellor she was very understanding and a great help to talk to someone who wasnt related."

"The rest of the sessions were something I really started to look forward to, the techniques shown to me helped me to understand what was happening, having someone to talk to who wasn't judging me was such a relief and I could start getting myself together again."

"The rest of the sessions were just like meeting a friend for a cuppa"

Question: How do you feel about your therapy now?

"I am very glad I had therapy. It has helped me to help myself no end."

"I don't have any negative judgements about therapy and I would happily turn to therapy again. "

"Now looking back I am so glad I had counselling, I was so in need of help, and I really dont think I would be here now without it."

"It was one of the best things I've ever done. it has taught me that whenever things are bad there are ways to sort it out and that someone can help when you can't manage on your own."

"Now, looking back i wish i had done it sooner, i now realize its ok to ask for help."

Question: "Would you recommend therapy to other people?"

"I would recommend therapy as an option if they felt they would be open to trying it."

"If I knew someone who was struggling I would certainly recommend it."

"If I knew someone who was struggling i would definately recomend it. No matter how strong someone is there are some things that you just can't manage to do yourself, even if it only helps you to understand what is happening it will be really helpfull."

"If I knew someone who was struggling I would definitely recommend therapy to other people."

"If I knew someone who was struggling i would definitely recommend therapy as it gives you the tools to change whats going wrong and put you on the right path."

"If I knew someone who was struggling i would definitely recommend therapy as it gives you the tools to change whats going wrong and put you on the right path."

Question: "What would you say to someone who is thinking about therapy but feels anxious about it?"

"If you're thinking about therapy go for it. That act alone will start to make you feel better, open up as much as you can, it isn't a test, its to help you, some things just can't be done on your own."

"If you're thinking about therapy.. read up about it, if you think's its right for you definitely give it a go. You need to be open to the idea that it could help and be receptive to the process."

"You should try it out and see how you feel. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!"

"If you are thinking about therapy,do go,I am so glad I did, and I will always be gratful more than words can say."

"If you're thinking about therapy feel the fear but do it anyway. Everything starts with a baby step and this could be the new start you need."