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Transactional Analysis Models
2017 Program

Thursday 26th October: Stroke Theory

          This training will look in detail at stroke theory including:
        • Different types of strokes
        • Biological need for strokes
        • How to stroke, when to stroke and when not to stroke (during therapy)
        • Stroke filter and how to bypass it (to improve self-esteem)
        • Individual stroke quotient and mis-match in relationships (couples)
        • Discounting of strokes
        • Importance of self-stroking

Stroke theory is a fundamental T.A. concept and one of it’s best-known models, but in spite of the simplicity of the theory it is a powerful tool for confronting negative and limiting core beliefs. Using and withholding strokes appropriately in the ‘background commentary’ of therapy sessions is an unobtrusive and non-confrontational technique in the therapist’s toolbox.

Thursday 16th November: Rackets & Stamps

        • Feelings: core feelings, composite feelings, ‘volume’
        • How rackets develop
        • Clues to identifying rackets
        • Interlocking rackets in relationships (couples)
        • Stamp-collecting/spending patterns
        • Consequences of collecting stamps
        • Spending stamps appropriately and safely

The models of rackets and stamps relate to feelings: ‘substitute’ feelings; repressed feelings; overwhelming feelings. This training will look at how these feelings systems originate and how they persist, and we will look at applying this model to clients, identifying both rackets and stamps.

Understanding these systems facilitates an exploration of the underlying (unexpressed) feeling, and we will also look at techniques for expressing feelings safely.

Each workshop provides 2½ hours CPD and costs £25
(includes refreshments and CPD certificate)

Trainer: Dena Darling is a Certified Transactional Analyst and an endorsed TA101 Instructor.
She is registered with U.K.C.P. and works in private practice.

For further details telephone 01394 278887, mobile 07787 980281 or email

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