Dena Darling M.Sc., C.T.A.(P), U.K.C.P.

CPD & Workshops

Transactional Analysis Models
2018 Program

April 7th: Stroke theory

Although a simple concept, stroke theory offers a powerful technique in the therapist’s toolbox. Overview of stroke theory, stroke-filter, stroking and self-esteem, stroke quotient, stroke imbalance (in relationships), self-stroking and recycling strokes etc. .The importance of appropriate stroking and the importance of witholding strokes appropriately.
2.5hrs £25

May 19th: Ego-states, transactions and symbiosis

This comprehensive workshop will cover 1st and 2nd Order structural models, the Functional model, transactional patterns including therapeutic empathic transactions, symbiosis (co-dependency).
3 ½ hrs £35

Jun 16th: Drama triangle

A widely used model which is useful both for individual and couples work. Relationship with the ego-state model and techniques for interrupting dramas, using drama triangle as an alternative to Game analysis.
2hrs £20

Jul 14th: Self-development, self-awareness and self-therapy techniques for counsellors and psychotherapists.

2hrs £20

October 20th/21st: TA101

This is the prescribed introductory course for anyone wishing to train as a Transactional Analyst but is also appropriate for interested lay people. Internationally recognised certificate course.
12hrs £120*

*In general, training costs £10 per hour, but I do offer some reduced rates on TA101s (please see the full TA101 details).

All training in 2018 will take place on Saturdays starting at 1.15pm, apart from TA101s which take two full days and will therefore be held over a weekend. It is anticipated that all training will take place at the Community Hub in Felixstowe, although this could be subject to change.

If any workshop has fewer than four participants I may cancel it: in this event I will of course make a full refund.

I will bring my own ideas and materials to the forum in March, but I hope that participants will bring contributions of their own to share: this is a forum rather than training. The start time will be 1.15pm and the duration will be between 2 and 3½ hours.

Trainer: Dena Darling is a Certified Transactional Analyst and an endorsed TA101 Instructor. She is registered with U.K.C.P. and works in private practice.

For further details telephone 01394 278887, mobile 07787 980281 or email

If you have any questions please contact me by email, telephone 01394 278887 or text/call 07787 980281.